Hello GoliCrafters!

Today I will announce you for the upcoming updates/changes for the gamemode LootWars (also known as Kistekrigen or GoletsPvP)

Sneak peaks of the Map

Updates / Changes
  • We will add a new/old map (top voted by our players)
  • Instead of the old King Of The Hill will we have King Of The Tower
  • We will add new rewards to be the King Of The Tower
  • New chest items that are more balanced
  • Decrease the enchantments
Yup, that was all. (We will, of course, do more but it isn't necessary to write everything)

Best Regards,
Hello GoliCrafts!
- Today we've released our massive update to KitPVP. Includes a new map, kits, and some changes.

The new map (Thanks to @RodRuss (main builder), Mike, @Goli and Onlyferaals + @RevenJoakim for some of the trees)

  • Added changes to some kits
  • Changed the prices of some kits (lower prices)
  • Changed the Exp amount needed for rankups
  • Added more ranks/levels
  • Better hit-detection
  • Smoother knockback with no delay
  • Special optimized AntiCheat for KitPVP
  • Better rewards for ranking up
  • New KitPVP map
  • Added so players can drop all items (before it was only soups)
  • Removed the left-click option to heal with soups
Coming soon
  • Last Man Standing event
  • Duels/challenges (1v1)
Hello GoliCrafts,

This was a hard decision to make. I have worked many hours on these games, specially BedWars! But it isn't necessary to have it when almost no one plays it. My server was dedicated to 200+ players, what I had before but now with a player base of 16-35, it isn't good to have so many games and are only chaos.

The Games I will remove is BedWars, Free For All, GunGame and Arcade

have lived with the GoliCraft server since the gamemode was created in 2016. It was so fun to play and just chill, practice and have a good time! Now the game is old and kind of boring but it WAS very fun to play and will be remembered!

Free For All was the very first popular PvP game in Norway. This was one of my first server games released in 2014! It was so fun to play and explore the maps and abilites the maps had. My personally favorite map was The Goli Hotel created by Lefserull early 2015! The map was greafed and deleted some months after ;( FFA is not the same as it was. Rest In Peace!

GunGame was released some months ago and was very popular some weeks! It was fun to play, rankings, coins and much more. The map was unique and good looking. It was fun and will be remembered.

Arcade is a gamemode that never become successful. The plan was to make a server with tons of different games and we did but never become popular. At the very first beginning, we had something called MLG Games that was a mix with MLG Cobweb, SpeedBuild and LavaFloor. After that we've added MLG Rush what seems to be very popular with over 70+ players only playing that! Suddenly that time was the period @Russen griefed and raided my server. My server got down in maintance because he deleted some massive work and when it re-released the players were gone and the gamemode was kind of dead. Another cause was the lagg that appeared. I did not find out what caused it but I just purchased and purchased more ram and nothing worked.

But! I have some good news?!
Yes! We have thought about everything! MLG Rush will appear at the Practice server and Free For All plus GunGame will appear at Game Roulette!


Yes! It is official, GoliCraft will have SkyBlock with tons of futures such as Custom Islands, Custom Enchants, Nether portal to Nether islands, skyblock rankings, Minions, Gambling, Auctions, Shops, Grinding and so,...